Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Hunger Games

Today I finished reading The Hunger Games. I literally finished it in two days. I'm not going to say this book was the best novel I have ever read or the most genius plot line but I will say that the suspense and action was perfect. I started reading it yesterday and never wanted to put it down. I told myself I was going to bed at midnight and at 1am I had to force the book from my hands and face the fact that my alarm would be sounding in 6 hours. After I got back from my Boot Camp class I was thrilled to see an email from my boss telling me to come in the evening instead of the day, leaving my day wide open to read. I hunkered down in my bed and blazed through all but the last 40 pages before I had to go to a job interview. After the interview, (which went well, by the way) I refused to go to work before I finished those 40 pages. I was immediately filled with sadness at no longer having a book. 

Here's the thing- I live in a Spanish speaking country. All the readily available novels are in Spanish. Yes, I can read novels in Spanish but to be honest, I just don't want to. I live for reading. I love savoring each word, diving into vivid descriptions and finishing books in absurdly short periods of time. Spanish is a beautiful language but it lacks the glorious array of adjectives the English language has. Also, I'm never going to be able to read a Spanish novel at my normal speed-of-light pace. I am terrible at making books last. I felt like the title of this book was so fitting for me. I was starving for a good book and I devoured it like a literature deprived maniac.

English books are sold here, but they tend to either be incredibly cheesy romance novels or teen books like Twilight. Even if I spot a book I truly want, the price is way beyond my budget. Argentina also does not have public libraries. This is a sad, sad situation for a total bookworm like myself. A few months ago I was at a Feria Americana which is basically huge garage sale (hence them referring to Americans) and I saw The Gangs of New York for only 1 peso. I bought it without even caring what book it was. I had vaguely seen half the movie, but my mind was only fixated on paying 1 peso for an English book. It never crossed my mind that I wouldn't like it.

Okay, prepare yourselves for my next statement: I hate history. Yes, I know it's important and we have to study history so it doesn't repeat, etc etc. That's great and all but I find it excruciatingly uninteresting. You know what The Gangs of New York is? A giant history book in disguise. I know people who would love this book and I can even see why. It's not poorly written and the characters are interesting enough, but when it comes down to it, it is history. I am still struggling through it. You can criticize my hatred of history all you want but before you do, ask yourself if you liked your Spanish class and remember that you can respect something and still absolutely despise studying it. 

This post really isn't about my hatred of history anyway it's about my absolutely insatiable desire to read. I forgot how much I loved tearing through a book. I was only able to bring 2 books with me and I finished them  within my first month. I am buying myself some books for Christmas. I am so glad Emily sent me The Hunger Games to remind me what reading a good, in no way related to history book is like. 


  1. Totally agree with the 'not the greatest novel but the action/suspense is paced brillianty' thing. It's an easy read, anyone over 12 should be able to enjoy it. Plus: it does that thing where you start contemplating the political undertones and humanity vs society vs government, etc. and you know...makes you THINK, like, with your brain parts---but not in that 'history lesson' way that you apparently loathe, haha. Like V for Vendetta. But not.

  2. I knew when I sent you that book that it was probably cruel not to send 2 and 3 as well!!! Can you get an ebook??

  3. Emily- Luckily, Steph had ebooks and has sent them to me. I will get started tonight!

    Steph- exactly! Not genius, just well paced and just the right amount of thinking without throwing boring stuff in haha.