Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun Analysis

"I did some analysis and realized I hadn't enjoyed life enough"

My friend Shobie just said this to me and it seemed like something I would say. "I did some analysis". Who else needs to analyze fun? I think that fits right in with my 40 year old logic/7 year old interests theory.

However, I am also in complete agreement with Shobie about remedying the results of this analysis. My life in Buenos Aires is not about work. Yes, work will always be necessary, this is a resume building experience and of course, I will never escape my true workaholic nature, but I am here to have an adventure and allow myself to have the fun I always should have been having. I didn't do any extracurricular activities in high school because I was working. I didn't get very involved in university because I was working so much I could hardly sleep. I wasted part of my youth. I don't have regrets, but I'm shutting down that pattern here and now.

  • I completely refuse to schedule any work on Saturdays.
  • I also refuse to schedule any morning work on Wednesdays. 9am-2pm is completely reserved for playing Squash, going out for lunch and relaxing before working with the family.
  • I only have 30 hours of scheduled work then just 4-12 flexible hours through my newest job (see below for description).
This brings me to the Buenas Noticias part of my post!
  • Got a new job today as a "Personal Assistant" for the Choi family (a Korean-American family living in BsAs who I occasionally babysit for). The hours are super flexible and the tasks are varied but easy. I will be helping Janet organize her life/schedule as well as taking some work off her hands such as making phone calls in Spanish, running errands, organizing their home. I also get to work on creating developmentally appropriate games for their two children, Soren (7) and Alyosha (3) . I love that I get to use my Spanish and kid skills! This job also plays into my more relaxed schedule very nicely.
  • Shobie is coming for Christmas! This is old news but we've been planning out some activities and plans. So far Tango dancing, beaches and parillas have all made the list. I'm so excited and grateful his visit.
  • Erin is coming in March! Yes, that is right, two scheduled visits. I cannot wait!
Small Victories
  • Jenny and I spent a signficant amount of time searching for a giant bar of chocolate and stumbled upon this delight:
  • Cooked this vegetably delicious meal of asparagus, onions and red peppers and breaded eggplant for myself after a terrible and slightly frightening student sexual harassment episode:
  • Spent 45 minutes with my Ipod, a book and a Fanta Zero laying on a park bench in the sun. One of my arms now has a more pronounced farmer's tan.
Delicious Fanta, sun, and totally bitchy sunglasses.


  1. I am so jealous that Erin gets to visit! I am telling her to shove me in her suitcase. Are those the bitchy sunglasses you bought with me? I just got a new pair of super sassy ones today. You would not believe they are mine.

  2. Milka is awesome... and German. I used to eat a ton of it. Apparently it's big in South America.

  3. Rachel- Yes these are the sunglasses I bought with you. The other ones I bought and loved broke about a week after my arrival. I couldn't believe it, my cheap Target pair made it through South America and Mexico, my nice NY&Co pair snapped immediately. I haven't found a non-bitchy replacement pair. I want you to visit, it still feels weird to be here without you sometimes!

    Patrick- Yeah Milka, Kinder and Cadbury are all huge here, but chocolate is much more expensive here. A bottle of soda is 4 or 5 pesos while a normal sized candy bar is 7 or 8. That huge one in the photo was 23 pesos haha.