Friday, September 3, 2010

Words That Make Me Smile

I realized a lot of people have put some pretty amazing things in writing since I decided to make this move. I collected a few of them here and they really make me happy. Thank you to anyone who has written or said anything wonderful and encouraging to me. I love you all.

"As sad as I am to see you leave St. Louis, I definitely know that it is something you had to do. Actually, I didn't expect you to stay around even this long. You are definitely bound for greater things than St. Louis can provide."

"I think plan A was to do something awesome with your life and live abroad and get a great experience out of it. Plan B was settling for some place in the US. I really just think you went back to Plan A."

"I'm proud of you for making such a bold move. You are a beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate woman with so much going for you and so much to offer. There aren't many people your age who have it so together. "

"I really admire you for being able to take such a big step into the unknown"

"I am so excited for you. Your life is going to be epic"

"I know you are going to accomplish incredible things and I can't wait to see where life takes you"

"You have exceeded my expectations. You were always wanting to be more grown up than you were. You will always be my "Angel Baby", no matter how old you are."

Thanks everyone. I love it here. I am happy and so lucky to have your support.

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