Saturday, October 23, 2010

From Thriller to Chills and Fevers

Today was supposed to be awesome.

This was the plan: Sleep in, work out for a couple hours, do some yoga, enjoy the nice weather, get some work done on Travelated and then, to top it off, go to an amazing Thriller event outside the planetarium. A huge group of people will be taught the Thriller dance and simultaneously perform it with other groups around the world.
This is what has happened slash is happening: I woke up with a serious fever, my entire body hurt and I was having hot/cold flashes. So, I went to the fruit stand, shivering in the 67 degree weather to buy some stuff. Then, I went to the video store I have tried to go to a few times, signed up for a membership finally and felt stupid seeing the guy who is always really nice and chatty with me as I stumbled around, half coherent, looking for "Blazing Saddles", having no idea what the Spanish translation would be. I then stopped and picked up an ice cream bar for my next hot flash and went to the pharmacy for medicine. Since then I have been in my bed covered in blankets (and then ripping them off when I start sweating) and half ass working and watching movies. My friends met 30 minutes ago to go to the awesome Thriller event.

So, that is the bad news. However, I'd like to note that I had an awesome Friday night. My new friend Alex came over and we made a homemade pizza and vaguely watched a movie but really just talked and ate candy. She's from Buffalo, NY and we actually have a lot in common. We talked forever and it was a nice, cheap night in.

Tomorrow I am off work! Sundays off work are so wonderful. Hopefully the fever will be gone by tomorrow so it doesn't ruin my whole weekend. Jorge and I are supposed to go to a Cafe/Bookshop/Music Store near my place that Jorge loves. I am looking forward to it.

Today is my mom and Abby's birthday. I called both of them and it was great to hear their voices. I wish I could see their faces! It is also Patrick's birthday, but sadly I don't have his number so I was only able to wish him a happy birthday via Facebook.

Life has been a little stressful lately but overall I'm still happy to be here. My job situation will change in December when I stop being an au pair. I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm hoping for the best. It falls at an unfortunate time as I will have to pay for my pricey apartment and Christmas, but hopefully my savings and picking up new students will carry me through it. During the summer (which starts in December here) I'm hoping to do a lot of work and build up some money. I might start looking into online work again too.

I'm going to attempt to re-watch Blazing Saddles later and try to actually pay attention. I might even watch the Argentine movie I rented, El Secreto de sus Ojos, which won some awards. Hopefully I can focus.

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