Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rant of the Moment

I realize I have never actually had a post that was a Rant of the Moment, but I figure, for someone who hates as much stuff as I do, this was inevitable.

Rant of the Moment: Slow Walkers/People Who Don't Understand Sidewalk Manners

This has happened to all of us. You are walking along, trying to make it to your destination. Maybe you are in a rush, maybe you're not- it doesn't matter. Then, it happens-- a slow walker. They merge in front of you and suddenly trap you in their painfully slow rhythm. You feel like you are trying to walk up a down escalator as you desperately try to figure out how any human's legs could possibly move so slow. You dodge left, you weave right but, as luck would have it, slow walkers are almost always sidewalk hogging zig zaggers as well. If you're like me, this is the point when you start mentally screaming MOVE MOVE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WALK! 

Eventually, you will be able to get around this slow walker. If you are having an especially rough sidewalk day, you might immediately run into the bad manners sidewalk people. These are the people who stop dead in their tracks to do or look at something like check their phone, light a cigarette, have a lengthy conversation with a long lost friend they have stumbled upon in the streets, etc. Or perhaps someone who is walking in the opposite direction and decides to look you in the eye and play chicken as they plow directly towards you.

Am I one of the few people left that treats sidewalks as I would the road? Stay to the right, allow faster walkers to pass, never cross into oncoming traffic and never make unexpected stops. Pretty simple rules people, let's put them into good use.

The irony of this post is I didn't even walk around today as I am bedridden. I suppose this issue annoys me enough on a daily basis that the irritation is still fresh in my mind.


  1. I TOTALLY agree! There are so many people that definitely need to learn some sidewalk manners!..I treat them the roads as well and don't understand how others don't!

  2. Koreans have the worst sidewalk etiquette in the world. They always stop where they will be the most in the way (in doorways, at the bottom of stairs). They don't seem to care. They're always on their fucking phones. They can stream tv on their phones so they are never looking where they're going so they're always running into me. And it's not like I'm a small, hard to see guy. oh, when it rains every korean pulls an umbrella out of thin air and will hit you right in the face with them as they walk. They're so afraid of the water falling from the sky because it's so dirty that they'd rather decapitate you then let a drop hit their heads. They think the rain will make their hair fall out. Ajumas (old woman) are the fucking worst. They cut in lines everywhere, they walk real fast to get in front of you then they completely stop so you look like a bafoon trying not to run into. I quit caring, I just run them over now. I yell "moooooove!" and shove them to the sides. It's very aggravating.

  3. Haha, oh Cole, I imagine you and I are the streets of Korea would result in a blood bath. I too have been hit in the eye with a giant umbrella an old lady was carrying. You know how much I hate old ladies just for being old ladies, so when they become an issue on sidewalks, it is worse.

  4. I completely agree with this post! Fast Walkers of the World, UNITE!