Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mission: Give Rease a Hug

So, lately I have been missing hugs. I am always missing my friends, but Skype, emails, Facebook, this blog, etc. help me keep in touch with them. However, I am really, really missing hugs. So many of my friends give such satisfying hugs and sometimes after a really good Skype conversation, email, song I hear or whatever it may be, I just want to hug them. After posting on Facebook about this, my friend Jason (who gives excellent hugs, I might add) and I came up with the Give Rease a Hug Mission.

Pretend this is me.

Originally, I wanted there to be a Rease bear that would travel between people, each person would hug this bear and transfer as much love as possible into it. After it had absorbed hugs from as many friends as it can, it would be sent to me here and I would hug it and feel all kinds of love. However, that could get expensive with shipping, so I came up with this instead:

You must hug a stuffed animal or something of significance and take a picture of it. This is the budget version that saves you postage and trouble. Really, getting a photo album of you hugging things would make me just as happy as getting a bear.

I attempted something like this before with snow angels and I was pleased that I received 8 photos of snow angels made in my honor. Now I would like an album of hugs. Can you make that happen, please? I want to get all the love at once, so if you want to be involved, contact Jason. I love this game and it sounds like fun. I promise to send photo or perhaps video reactions to the final result.

Happy hugging!


  1. I love this! As soon as I'm able to move my legs again I will get out of this chair and find my teddy bear and HUG IT.

  2. Yay take a photo for my album!

  3. Hey, if you still need hugs you should take a look here: