Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Uruguay

Dear Uruguay,

Your border towns suck. I mean, they really suck. I mean, I know some people think Colonia is a charming historical town but that is just code for "old and boring". Also, Paysandu is a shit hole. Your city center looks a paint store threw up on stone henge. We all know these border towns just get tourism because Argentina forces tourists to leave every 3 months. Your citizens are super nice, but that's really all your have going for you.

Unhappily yours,

Ps- Your pizza is disgusting and chivitos are only for fat people who can't make up their minds about what to order.


  1. Hi !
    I thought Colonia had a little bit of charm. Sure, it's touristy, but it's few old town colorful houses are cute. I wouldn't spend there more than just a day , though.
    I loved Buenos Aires - it was sad that I could only stay there for a weekend. I'm hoping to go back sometime soon!

  2. Colonia is much better than Paysandu, it's just so overpriced and boring. It definitely has some pretty views though, I'll admit that.

    I hope you make it back to BA too, we can hang out!

  3. filthy bitch you can munch on my big yorugua cock

  4. Sos argentina y escribis en ingles, wannabe 100% que te quejas de Uruguay? Hace un analisis de tu triste pais y despues veni a hablar del nuestro.

    Das lastima y risa al mismo tiempo.

  5. Sos una perra, una trola jaja tu pais esta en decadencia, es una mierda, mirá por una vez en tu vida "Calles Salvajes" y después hablá de Uruguay mongolica. Ojalá te secuestren uruguayos asi te hacen ver las cosas un poco mas claras.

  6. I hear Argentina has an AWESOME soccer team too! Definitely much better than Uruguay. Right?


  7. Sweety....prefiero toda la vida vivir en un pais que according to you is "boring", has horrible food and a crappy soccer team....que ser argentina y que me odien en todo el mundo!
    Oh and...get a life man!

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  9. jajajaja
    Me encantan todos los comentarios.
    1- No soy argentina. Soy de los EEUU y vivo en Buenos Aires. Soy orgullosa de las dos cosas.
    2- Nunca dijé que TODO Uruguay es malísmo. De verdad, me gusto mucho Montevideo. Dijé que las ciudades de la frontera como Paysandú y Colonia son malismos, y no vas a convencerme que no son.
    3- Dijé muy claramente que no tengo ningún problema con los uruguayos, son muy Buena gente. Bueno, ustedes no son los mejores ejemplos, pero en general, los urguayos me caen re-bien.

    Gracias por todo, chicos, me dan mucha risa sus comentarios innecesarios. Me parece que buscan un gran discusión de Argentina contra Uruguay o piensan que yo soy una argentina y traidora, pero no es como asi. No voy a pedirse perdón porque no hablé mal de un país entero, solamente dos ciudades. Chau, chicos, besitos.

  10. porq hablas tan trola?

  11. Volvé a Estados Unidos yankee fea, Obama need's you

  12. Rease, did you see that? Obama needs you. I didn't realize that our president picked you out of everyone in the country. Amazing! I also didn't know there is a possessive form of "need" but then I'm no expert on the English language. I guess I just learn something new every day! I would also like you to return to the the US, but that' just because I love and miss you!

  13. You could probably figure it out, but that's from me, Rachel!!!

  14. Haha, I love that this is clearly 1 person trying to start a war with me that I have no desire to fight. I would argue that Presidenta Kirchner would be more interested in me than Obama, seeing as we are family.

  15. I just started to read your post and its quiet interisting for me! I am from Germany and for one year in Uruguay (my year has sadly nearly finished ). Well I hope you didn´t got a bad image from the uruguayns just because of that guy above. The uruguayans are lovely and great people as long as you do not start conversations about argentinians, football, politics and gay people. Sadly but true...
    To Uruguay: I am living in Mercedes and it´s one of the most beautyful towns I´ve ever seen! There´s not much to do for a tourist, but you can say this about nearly all towns, I guess. And it´s half an hour from Frey Bentos, which is at the border to Argentina!
    You are right Paysandu is not really nice, and some other uruguayan towns I´ve seen, neither, but there are some spots in Uruguay which are amazing and unique! There is Punta del Este, Rocha (Punta del Diabolo, Sante Theresa, and a lot of other amazing beaches!)and Montevideo.
    I hope you´ll get the chance to see a little more from Uruguay, because it´s an unbelieveable country!

  16. haha and I totally agree with you, about argentinian man, the uruguayans are identical...