Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: Blog Stats

I completely stole this idea from Emily Sims, but I knew she wouldn't mind.


I started this blog on June 28, 2010. Since then I have published a total of 39 posts. I definitely want to up that number in the next 6 months. The longest I ever went without posting was 12 days, between 7/27/2010, Crazy Nights and Lazy Days and 8/8/2010, Re-ocupada


Since the birth of this blog, it has been viewed 2,189 times. Those viewers came from all over the world, the top countries including: United States, Argentina, South Korea, Russia and the United Kingdom. I like that I can probably guess that all those South Korea views were Cole, but I don't know a single person in Russia so I find that stat really interesting.

Most people found this blog through Facebook, Travelated, 20 something bloggers, Emily's blog, blogger, or Jorge's blog.

This blog received a total of 77 comments. I hope to up that number as well.

What I wrote about

My most used tags were:
Emotional Goodbyes

Silly Searches

This was my favourite part. I love looking at searches that lead people to Travelated, I don't know why it didn't occur to me to look at the searches for my blog as well. Here are the top searches:
"the plane i didn't i expected"
"the years the loss of kathy"
"the years the"
"'cecilia whitaker' or 'patrick farbiaz' or 'kirchner'"
"'feria americana' 'buenos aires' records"

Somehow I doubt those people found what they were looking for most of the time.

Thanks for reading everyone. More to come in 2011.


  1. Silly searches are my favorite part. So funny. I really hope that whoever searched "the plane i didn't i expected" found something to enjoy on your blog :)

  2. Maybe the Russia hits are actually me. I can see it from my backyard, you know.